Land Rights law to instigate 300 000 fresh claims


For victims of the apartheid-era forced removals, belatedly, it’s a matter of justice being done, at least on paper. Transform SA is informed by the Presidency that President Jacob Zuma has signed the Restitution of Land Rights amendment into law.

Following the development, the restitution-claims process that had been put on ice at the end of 1998 will soon resume. Claimants have five years to lodge claims, with the cut-off-point of 30 June 2019.

Given that about 80 000 claims were lodged in 1998, the statement from the Presidency expected in the region of 300 000 valid cases.

Furthermore, the legislation regulates the appointment and service conditions of judges of the Land Claims Court.

The development has the mainly white -ominated commercial farming sector quaking. Tough economic conditions might initiate a Zimbabwe land-grab style, they fear.

Since 1994, South African white farmers have migrated to countries as far as Nigeria where they have signed long term land lease agreements, in some cases of up to 99 years.

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