4 points to consider in an AA appointment


This is what you should bear in mind as an organisation: You are not giving an Affirmative Action candidate a favour by bring them aboard. The flawed thinking that you have been merely coerced by legislation could result into having someone you wished some calamity visited upon them and they vanished like the dodo.

Many an organisation have made appointments they have only lived to rue later. They have amidst their staff, people who are a big liability on their overstretched resources: unproductive, cantankerous and impatient. But who has the resources to go the expensive and time consuming CCMA route and soil their reputation?

The last you would like to have is someone who, at the slightest provocation, brandishes the most convenient card at every suggestion you make for them to up their performance game: “Is it because I am black?”

  • Look for the cream of the crop amongst the available applicants for the post . Not the one who emailed your their resume earliest. Early birds do not early catch the fattest worm when it comes to making appointments that have to add value to your organisation. Accordingly, take your time and apply due diligence on your candidates
  • Make sure that the post you have advertised brings a difference to your organisation. You do not want to have someone without a clear-cut portfolio. Are you running a welfare organisation?
  • Set plans in place that will ensure that the candidate receives training that enhances their skills.
  • Find out if the ideal candidate only wants to get their salary at the end of the month, as they might be a ‘flight risk’ who might be tempted by a better offer somewhere. Get someone who understands or willing to understand the path your organisation is pursuing.

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