Image of Gallo Care Team handing out the toys to the orphanage

Like all the youth around the world, the young generation of South Africa is full of potential, motivation and talent, which can be a vital force for the nation to progress forward. The youth of the country are ambitious to make a future for themselves and the country through their skills but various challenges such as poverty, unemployment and lack of education form barriers in their dreams.

Tasty Gallos, the South African food franchise have launched the Gallo Care campaign which donates to children in Orphanages and Creches , educational toys and other assorted items. The basic aim is to be involved in the development of the foundation of skills and education of children from an early age. Similarly, the Gallo Care initiative is constantly aiming to work more and more with Old Age Homes and Orphanages across South Africa.

“Our initiatives are aimed to uplift communities across South Africa through welfare programs, we plan to impact the lives of people of all age groups.” Says Muhammed Gutta

The Gallo Care campaign is a CSR initiative powered by Tasty Gallos and aims to play a role in the fight against hunger, food security and poverty. The CSR initiative is fully focused on the youth of the country.

“I am concerned with these growing challenges for the youth. I believe that the youth is the key to eradicating the country’s challenges if they are provided with the basic needs and a platform for growth.”

Muhammed currently operates (with his team) a National Fast-Food franchise , Tasty Gallos across various South African cities that provide employment opportunities for the youth of South African communities.

The Tasty Gallos powered initiative hopes to launch further welfare programs with selective partner organizations and companies in the future.


  1. I am so happy and grateful to know that there is still people who care about the struggles that the youth faces, I for one strongly believe in education as a key to ensuring that we as the youth succeed and are ble to change our situations.

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