Two young authors want to reduce GBV by educating people about quality relationships.

Zareef Minty (27) and Aseema Kazi (38) will be releasing The Secret To Finding Love into leading book stores globally over the next month.

“Our books will be available at your leading book stores in South Africa, UK and the US,” says Minty. The Secret To Finding Love was written to help individuals find true love by firstly recognizing their own self-worth. The authors believe that you will attract love to the degree that you believe your worth is. In order to find love, one must first focus on one’s true self.

“Once you realize your own worth and start truly love yourself, you automatically attract positivity into your life,” says Kazi. The book focuses on self-worth, looking and feeling your best to defining what you are looking for in a partner and being able to grow together and nurture your relationship. Finding love can be difficult, however, it does not mean that you should give up on it. The Secret to Finding Love has been designed to become your reference guide to feeling
empowered again and living your best life. It is an exhilarating book that equips you in finding the perfect partner by providing you with all the necessary tools and guidelines. “Making sure our females are empowered is very important in reducing the rather concerning gender-based violence statistics,” says Kazi

The goal for the two authors is to get the book into the hands of 50 000 women who have experienced some form of gender-based violence in their lifetime. “We strongly believe that once women understand their value and understand what a high-quality relationship looks like they won’t settle for anything less, high-quality relationships have no violence in them,” says Minty. The book is also filled with intrigue and excitement as it reveals the underworld of married men and what they get up to behind closed doors. There is a controversial chapter in the book which is a must-read. “No other book will tell it to you like it is. This is the real deal and a game changer for your love life. An effortless read with a wealth of useful tips to add value to your life and finding true love.” Says Kazi .

The book has already been endorsed by powerhouse singer, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur Akon as well as American actor, model and entertainment reporter Terrence J. “This book will bring the world together,” says Akon. He also encouraged his audience to go out and get the book because the book is “amazing.”

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