Pump attendant’s excellent service goes viral

Engen’s “With us you are Number One” brand promise took on a new meaning this week. This was when pump attendant Bongani Dyanti became a mini-celebrity for his customer service, which was so outstanding that one of his customers, Brian De Beer posted a story about his experience on Facebook.

Engen Malmesbury owner Gey Kriek and Engen Regional Sales Operations Manager-WC, John Bailey recognised Bongani for his excellent service and presented him with a gift card on Friday, 15 February.

Kriek was very delighted about Bongani’s approach towards customers and charm that he possesses , “I would describe Bongani as sincere and caring, and that comes through when he engages with customers. I believe that customers enjoy an authentic encounter with a charming and sincere person, rather than a clinical approach. I can also vouch that Bongani has this friendly approach towards all customers,” said Kriek.

He added that despite the publicity that Bongani has gained, he remains humble and his actions will inspire his fellow colleagues. “What this has done though is to inspire his colleagues to follow in his footsteps. We salute Bongani. Not only is he a great ambassador for our brand, but also for healthy relations in our community,” said Kriek

The Facebook post has since been shared thousands of times and inspired a number of other customers who have also experienced Bongani’s charm and excellent eye for detail to join in and share their own customer service stories.

Some of the comments are:

“Bongani is a living example of Service Excellence and what our domestic and international tourists /visitors alike are always looking forward to as lifetime memories…. keep it up young man…thank you Brian De Beer for sharing such a positive and heart-warming experience” – Mabandla Kelengeshe

“Wow I love it, that’s the spirit we need for our country to prosper, well done to both of you, keep up the good work” – Zitho Tshabiso

“I did a road trip a few years ago and had the same sort of service in most areas except for major centres. It is a two-way operation you show respect for the job they are doing and they will give you good service. Don’t just say fill up whatever your fuel is and leave it at that. Your attitude gets you the service you want” – David Taylor.

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