Township-based Lemok brands Redefine-owned shopping centre

Lemok Group, and its subsidiaries, were commissioned by Redefine Properties to create an integrated marketing campaign for The Boulders shopping centre’s #LiveUncapped free Wi-Fi launch.

The Boulders shopping centre launched their 3 Hours Uncapped Free WiFi to their shoppers on 1 October 2017, and as part of the launch plans Lemok Group’s subsidiaries, Lemok Digital Agency, Tatom Stationery & Printing, and EBC Design Studio, were commissioned to come with an integrated campaign, within the mall, to drive awareness of the free Wi-Fi as well as generating a total audience of 10,000 people connecting to the free Wi-Fi over a three-month period.

The campaign included putting up branded elements across the entire mall as well as building free Wi-Fi stations in key locations at the mall. This was also coupled with a social media strategy. When conceptualising this campaign, the team looked at other “Free Wi-Fi” campaigns at other shopping centres and what was apparent was the fact that all campaigns simply concentrated on telling people that there’s free Wi-Fi, however failed to give people ideas on how to use the data. With the #LiveUncapped campaign, the Lemok team decided to give the audience ideas on how to effectively ‘burn’ the three hours of uncapped data they have access to.

The Lemok Group divisional responsibilities included:
Lemok Digital Agency – conceptualised the overall campaign strategy and creative direction, including the social media strategy.

Tatom Stationery & Printing – was in charge of production, from the bin wraps to the hanging banners to procuring furniture for building the Wi-Fi stations.

EBC Design Studio – was given the responsibility of creating the designs, illustrations and art direction.

“The main mandate around Lemok Group was always to create a group of marketing companies that allow clients access to fresh minds and a variety of services, while dealing with one point of contact. Over and above this, our township-based element allows us to understand and unpack certain nuances with the various audiences and therefore conceptualising campaigns that are better informed. We are very excited and proud of this campaign,” said Lebogang Mokubela, Lemok Group CEO.

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