Ireland Davenport transforms into Collective ID

Following the radical change to black ownership, ID is now one of a handful of proudly black-owned and managed advertising agencies in South Africa.

With the increase in black ownership from 25.1% to 51%, ID has not only reformed and transformed, the agency has fittingly been renamed Collective ID.

The new name builds on the agency’s award-winning creative heritage, while harnessing the capabilities, insights and talents of a new group of market-leading entrepreneurial black executives.

Collective ID acknowledges and recognises where we have come from, and clearly defines who we have grown into,” says new Managing Partner and Executive Client Services Director Brenda Khumalo.

“A collective is a group that shares common values and interests, and works together to achieve a common objective, and that’s exactly what Collective ID does,” adds recently appointed Managing Partner and Executive Creative Director, Qingqile ‘WingWing’ Mdlulwa, “We’re a visionary collective – transformation has united us and sits at the heart of everything we stand and strive for.”

John Davenport adds, “This is an incredibly exciting new era for the agency. Our new structure and new additions to the leadership team make the agency genuinely relevant to SA as a society, which is vital, because if an agency isn’t relevant it struggles to craft messaging that resonates with consumers. As a team we are just as committed as ever to the creative excellence for which the agency is known. Relevance and excellence are the two things that drive everything we do.”

Mdlulwa is quick to point out that marketing, advertising and Communication is all about transformation: transforming ideas into meaningful authentic results-driven campaigns, transforming perceptions into future brand value; transforming problems into solutions, possibilities into opportunities, wishes into dreams; transforming products and services, communities, markets, industries.

Transformation runs through every strand of Collective ID, extending into the way they want to work with each other and their clients.

“Gone are days of the power of one, we believe in the power of all and by tapping into the resources of everyone we’ll create a valuable competitive advantage,” says Khumalo.

Here the word ‘collective’ encapsulates and reinforces the cooperative way in which Collective ID want to work – combining their experiences and expertise, collaborating in the name of collective wisdom, and working together to unlock the skills and talents of everyone.

Khumalo emphasises that “empowerment and transformation go hand in hand and we are deeply committed to empowering and collaborating with everyone we work with through dynamic engagement, skills development, training and mentorship.”

At Collective ID, transformation means so much more than adhering to codes and charters.

Says Mdlulwa: “It’s about transforming the customer experience through deep insight and understanding, transforming our industry by tapping into the rich, diverse South African culture and heritage, and transforming lives, whether they are consumers, customers, clients, employees, suppliers or stakeholders.”

Collective ID is a quintessential proudly South African agency that is 100% committed to creating culturally relevant campaigns that go beyond the current stereotypical depiction of black people, by scratching beneath the surface of the magic that South African culture offers.  Real human truths and insights will inform all work produced for clients,” says Mosidi Seretlo, Non-Executive Chairman.

“Our diversity is reflective of South Africa, which gives the agency ability to respond to various brands that communicate and serve all South Africans, respectively,” adds Seretlo.

Having already secured blue-chip and clients like Standard Bank ‘PBBSA’, Primedia and EWN, leveraging strong client relationships and relevant creative skills to produce authentically South African campaigns, Collective ID is an agency to watch.

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