Restoring hope through literacy

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It has been said that literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. No truer words have been said of thousands of children in Southern Africa, upon their discovery of the power of the written word… of literacy and all that goes with it.

 The READ Educational Trust team has remained steadfast in their commitment to empowering South Africa’s disadvantaged youth by nurturing a love of books and a passion for literacy. This has been achieved through many vehicles; one of the most popular being the Readathon pop-up libraries.

 Popular across the country, READ has become well known for their eye-catching Readathon pop-up libraries; satellite libraries where the library literally comes to the children.

 In support of International Literacy Week in September, READ hosted a pop-up library at Fons Luminis Secondary School in Soweto where a special group of children assisted with the initiative. Special because these kids were selected to attend the English Access Microscholarship Programme, a US-funded training programme designed to provide a highly effective English-language learning experience to young people aged 13 to 20.

 The programme is run outside of school hours for a two-year period, and 15 children are currently in the local programme.  As part of their community project to revive interest in the library and to create a love for reading among their peers, these children helped with the Readathon pop-up library.

Mrs Book interacted with the kids, and as always, attending children were given books to take home, giving the READ team another opportunity to build that bridge to the joys of literacy.

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