The “Province of Plenty” to reduce mining dependency


Judging from the trend of events, Gauteng, the country’s richest province will have to seek alternatives to diversify its economy from over-dependence on mining and steel industries. The Province’s Premier, David Makhura, said this today during the Gauteng City Region Spatial Planning Summit in Sandton.

Makhura said diversification was aimed at mitigating effects that the rapid pace of deindustrialisation was having his on province’s economy.

We (must) have a single plan for the province and work as if we’re a single government,” commented Makhura.

Under the diversification programme, the province will be divided into five development corridors. Focus will be on tourism, agriculture, agroprocessing and renewable energy.

Further, Johannesburg will be the central corridor and remain the province’s financial, pharmaceutical, services and ICT hub.

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