Municipalities must appoint competent people


The average municipality in South Africa cannot even provide basis services to rate payers. The reason for this, Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister,  Pravin Gordhan, said was that unqualified people were occupying critical posts.
He said some municipalities were unable to produce records needed for auditing.
“There are municipalities that do not have financial officers,” he said.
Chaired by President Jacob Zuma, the meeting, discussed issues relating to local government, including demarcation of municipalities in preparation for the 2016 local government election, and municipal budgets.

Further, Gordhan observed that spending in municipalities had increased slightly. municipalities were owed R94bn by the end of June this year, made up of collectable debt of R18.8bn and uncollectable debt of R75.2bn.

It was concluded that municipalities had to keep proper records.

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