3 invaluable Women’s Month investment tips from Liberty Life’s influential woman


The majority of women are not as financially empowered as men in the country. But this has to change, and real change will only come from women themselves. Expecting men to do the work for them is not sustainable.

Hazel Lerman, the divisional director of sales and distribution at Liberty Life, has invaluable tips for women to put them on a financial freedom trajectory from her personal experience.

1)    Start saving from your first pay cheque. It’s never too early.

2)    Don’t buy on credit, save and purchase when you have the money.

3)      Buying a home is a smart financial move as long as it is properly planned. However, if you buy a home you can’t afford, it can end up drowning you in debt. By starting early, saving towards a deposit on a home, taking the time to do a budget and understanding exactly what you can afford, your home could be the best investment you ever made and not a financial nightmare.

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