Transformation is every race’s responsibility


The country is akin to a train and its diverse people, drivers and passengers aboard it. The train is on course an unforgiving, long and winding route headed to a destination called transformation. And for it to arrive safely and on time, there has to be cohesion amongst the people – white, black, coloured and Indians. Sadly, this is an ingredient that has been noticeably missing in the country’s transformation enterprise.

It is just inexcusable that the word ‘transformation’ is treated as a swearword by some sections of our society, forbidden in some board rooms, living rooms and no go area forums. At its mere mention, some duck for cover fearing that someone might be on a mission to usurp their means of existence.

To an extent degree their attitude can be exonerated.

The fear might arise from the misinterpretation of transformation core objectives. It could be that transformation is misconstrued as a means of vengeance to settle old scores from the apartheid era.

However, some should not plead memory loss and claim ignorance of the glaring economic disparity that the system of apartheid perpetuated. Owing to the system, South Africa is ranked amongst the world’s most unequal countries.

As a result, opponents of transformation cannot pretend to be living on a different planet. They are in the same South Africa as the rest (previously disadvantaged). Though they seek the refuge in their cocoons, the problem affecting others equally affects them just like the social upheavals that might surface.

No doubt, the most sensible approach is fostering a favourable environment where businesses skills can flourish and South Africa’s diverse people would partake equally. Is there a more efficient way than achieving economic transformation through availing requisite skills to various groups of previous disadvantaged, preferential procurement and recruitment to set the country towards parity?

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  1. Some amongst the previously advantaged (are they not these days? think transformation is tantamount to reverse discrimination, without looking at its merits.

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