Tips for women on surviving in a male-dominated workplace


Through transformation of the workplace women – black women in particular – are rising up the corporate ladder to decision making positions. Inevitably, their peers or subordinates are men, and, as you would expect, they cross swords on different issues. Sometimes, the clash of genders can be caused by nothing but stereotypical views that one group holds on another.

The reality is that the higher one goes up in an organisation’s hierarchy the more brutal the struggle for power becomes. One has to be prepared to take the blows.

The following are some of the few hints women could use to excel in positions of power:

  • Don’t create an imaginary conflict between yourself any male species in your company
  • If a man differs with you on a topic, don’t hastily scream back: “Is it because I am a woman?” Leave the gender-card conveniently in your Louis Vutton bag for next time!
  • Set boundaries between yourself and your subordinates or peers regardless of gender, and stick to your guns.
  • Acting tough is not defined by a condescending attitude towards men and fellow women. Be courteous and principled.

One thought on “Tips for women on surviving in a male-dominated workplace

  1. I have to agree with these tips. The real glass ceiling could be in women’s mind. If they have a right attitude they can excell at the workplace. At the end of the day, it is about delivery. The bag analogy had me and my wife in chuckles

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