New Research and Insights on Team Branding


Donna Rachelson’s new book, Branding & Marketing You through Teams, was officially launched at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) today.
The book contains fresh insights into the developing field of team branding, which until now has been an under-researched or misunderstood area.
Rachelson believes that team branding is now a key business issue, as organisations appreciate the impact that their employees’ personal and team brands have on the overall company brand and the bottom line.
She explains that while most people work in a team environment of some sort, few fully appreciate the business value of that team’s brand. Her constant question is, “What makes some of these teams stand out from the crowd?”
Rachelson interviewed six top-performing teams whilst researching the topic for her book. They represent a variety of business sectors. The outcome was surprising, even to Rachelson.
“There’s a paradox,” she says. “High performing self-starters are drawn to collaborate, when you’d expect them to want to work alone. What’s different is that they exhibit high emotional intelligence and are able to work for the greater good. When their individual and team brands align with those of the organisation, it’s a winning recipe.”
She notes that in our hyper-connected world of increased advertising and marketing clutter, standing out is more difficult than ever and demands innovation and freshness of approach.
“The research was qualitative in nature and the result is six conversational narratives,” says Rachelson. “The learning from each conversation is unique to each team, but there are some consistent themes throughout. Both the reviewers of the book and I believe that the insights will benefit anyone with an interest in marketing, everyone working in a team environment, and organisations looking to build a sustainable competitive advantage by recognising the role that their teams have to play.”

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