South Africa faces a daunting challenge – an unemployment rate of 32.9% according to Statistics South Africa. A significant portion of this statistic falls on the shoulders of young people, those aged between 15 and 34, who are most impacted by this harsh reality, with Stats SA further stating that there is a 45.5% unemployment rate among this age group.  One of the reasons our youth struggle to land jobs is a lack of experience and skills. That’s why Papasha Media decided to do something about this by giving young people the opportunity to write for one of our publications.

TransformSA, a publication under Papasha Media, recognises this crisis and is determined to play a role in empowering the youth. Saki Mabhele, founder of Papasha Media and Transform SA, is passionate about youth empowerment, “We cannot accept a future where our young minds are brimming with potential but have no platform to thrive. This Youth Month, we want to give young people the opportunity to hone their writing skills and find their voice in the world of journalism. By providing this platform, we hope to inspire, educate, and empower a new generation of writers,” he says.

In an era where misinformation travels faster than ever, TransformSA remains committed to publishing original, credible content. Writing plays a crucial role in diversifying the communication landscape in South Africa, serving as a powerful tool to inform the public, hold authorities accountable, and drive social change. By nurturing young writers, we aim to contribute to job creation, transformation and the development of a more informed and engaged society.

TransformSA is extending an opportunity to budding journalists; a chance to hone their writing skills and contribute to our online platforms. This is their chance to be heard, to make a difference, and to inspire your generation. Join this transformative journey. Young people can submit their writing samples and a short bio to, The Transform SA team is looking forward to the submissions.

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