Oscarine is a well-seasoned African female Industrial Engineer who obtained her
Bachelor of Technology degree at Nelson Mandela University and her postgraduate
diploma in industrial engineering at WITS University. Her background is in continuous
improvement, business process re-engineering, and Program management.
How do you see your role at Multichoice?
Frontline or a gatekeeper role, a BA’s scope is centered around ensuring what is good
is adopted by the business and what’s negative is done away with to keep the business
What excites you about your work?
The one thing I absolutely love about my role is I never know what to expect, each day
needs a different approach to problem-solving. 
I’m a Business Analyst because I love diagnosing business problems and implementing
solutions to eliminate them. Being part of integrating a payment method successfully on
our platforms, reaching the mass market with simplified customer journeys to use such
payment methods gives me a sense of “value-add” to enriching lives. 
What important lessons have you learned in your career?
In one season of my career, I had to choose career growth over money, and that
tradeoff was painful, yet incomparable to the latter results, but through the knowledge
gained, I tripled my salary after a year. 
How would you describe your purpose?
Finding practical solutions to everyday problems, both in personal and business
relationships. My desire is to see my stakeholders walking away with satisfactory
solutions that need no specialised skills to implement. 
What advice do you have for aspirant business analysts?
In order to build your brand (values, principles, etc. ), always be open to constructive
feedback, whether you receive it well or not. When seeking assistance, don’t be afraid
to sound clueless once in a while, that way you’ll be able to swim out of the deep-end
much faster.
In addition to sticking to the schedule, on-time delivery is a function of your relationship
with those you’re building the solution for (Stakeholders matter get ahead). 
Please share any exciting plans you may have for the future.
MSc Industrial in the field of soft systems engineering will see me elicit key business
requirements that will not only be clear for developers to code and deploy, but solving
interdependent business problems to get holistic results. Business Analyst Certification

with an International Business Analysis Institute, thereafter shadowing a Senior  Product

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