The Black Business Council (BBC) strongly condemns the irresponsible and reckless utterances purported to be those of Mr Mteto Nyati regarding transformation and localisation. Mr Nyati is quoted in the Business Times as saying that in order to save Eskom, empowerment rules must go.The purported views deliberately omit to mention corruption that was committed by white-owned companies at Eskom, as highlighted by the Zondo Commission. These purported utterances come just a few weeks after the Board was reconstituted.

The BBC is of the view that the purported views, presumably mandated and on behalf of the Eskom Board, are a deliberate diversion from achieving an Electricity Availability Factor of 75% and supplying South Africans with a reliable electricity as well as decisively dealing with the incompetently proven CEO and COO of Eskom, who are not black and are therefore assumed to be competent.The BBC expects responsible and patriotic South Africans,especially those who grew up under the cruel apartheid systems and are beneficiaries of our progressive employment equity legislation, to support and improve the economic transformation and localisation rules so that we can change the patterns of ownership and create local jobs in order to deal decisively with the record-breaking unemployment and grow the economy.

Mr Nyati’s purported views dismally fail to comprehend the basics of transformation,localisation,industrialisation and empowerment in that they project that blacks are done a favour in their own country, where they are in the majority.The participation of black and women-owned companies in the mainstream Public Procurement  legislation to through is key socio-economic justice and redress, as per section 217 of the Constitution of South Africa and should be unapologetically implemented by state and all its organs without any excuses. It is non-negotiable. The role of the Board is to monitor compliance and ensure that all current provisions of the Constitution are implemented, not to encourage non-compliance.

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