John Ghatti

South Africa has a 35.3% unemployment rate while having a staggering 66.5% youth unemployment rate. The country needs to put entrepreneurship at the forefront if it is to see enormous change and redirection towards a better economy and a better future.

We took some time out to chat to young investor and changemaker, John Ghatti who has over 250 000 followers on social media platform Instagram. The young mover and shaker has inspired millions across Africa and the globe. John has decided to spend some of his time giving back to the communities and people around him, he spends a few hours bi-weekly speaking to schools and universities where he motivates the youth and inspires them to be there best.

Who is John Ghatti?

John Ghatti is a self-made millionaire, he is an international investor, a seasoned philanthropist and a qualified civil engineer. He has interests in the financial sector and lives his life on the go, he is part South African, Mozambiquan and Zimbabwean.

What inspired you to become a businessman and an innovator? 

I love building sustainable things. More importantly I love building new things that can be used for generations to come. I have always had leadership in my blood, I strongly believe that a human can conquer anything that he puts his mind to as long as he understands that its more about how he handles a situation and how he can build from it. I have also always had a business mindset and I have developed and strengthened this mindset over time.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself as one of the best investors to ever come out of Africa. I also want to heighten my philanthropist actions where I can impact the lives of millions of people in Africa and assist the poor.

Who do you look up to? 

I look up to Floyd Mayweather, I love his drive and persistence. He understands the concept of true preparation to become a winner. He is a born winner in everything that he does.

What advice do you have for the thousands of people who look up to you?

You have to work hard but also work smart. The harder and smarter you work the luckier you get, milestones and progression will happen due to your routine more than anything else. Also as young people we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We need to be patient with ourselves and learn to truly love the journey we are on.

What do you think of entrepreneurship in South Africa? 

Entrepreneurship is heading in the right direction. However we need more support from the public sector and private sector to achieve a higher rate of successful SMME’s in South Africa.

What is the one quote that you live by?

Making money makes sense.

Is mentorship important when starting up a business? 

Yes it is, getting guidance is important that’s why you go to school and you have teachers but at the same time you can achieve the unbelievable if you just believe in yourself and also make use of free resources like YouTube and other platforms that teach skills.

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