Gauteng leads revitalisation of township economies – MEC Morakane Mosupyoe

Gauteng MEC for Economic Development Morakane Mosupyoe on Wednesday said Gauteng was leading the revitalisation of the township economies. This was announced during her post State of Province Address media briefing.  

“The Township Economy Development Policy Statement has been developed and approved by EXCO. Supported by the Office of the Premier and COGTA, we are currently in the process of developing the Bill which we envisage will be completed by the end of 2020/21 FY,” announced Mosupyoe.


“To address challenges faced by spaza shop owners in the townships, we are in partnership with Pick n Pay (PnP) on a programme that is intended to modernise spaza shops to grow a new generation of township retail entrepreneurs and create a unique township shopping experience for customers,” added Mosupyoe.

She said the programme has launched over 25 market stores and created 560 permanent jobs in Gauteng. “Government is currently in the process of renewing an MOU with PnP and for 2020/21 FY, the programme will launch another 20 market stores in the Province. It is important to indicate that these market stores are not PnP franchisees, entrepreneurs remain 100% owners of their market stores while benefiting from PnP’s distribution channels and cutting-edge systems,” said Mosupyoe.

Successful township enterprises can play a crucial role in creating jobs and bolstering South Africa’s economy. Premier Makhura, in his State of the Province address, said the province would contribute to the township economy revitalisation by supporting township enterprises and SMMEs in the province.

Most township entrepreneurs were faced with three main challenges: access to markets, sales and marketing support, and funding. Makhura proposed a new law that will nullify all bylaws that make it difficult for township businesses to operate.

“It will also nullify the tendency for the law-enforcement agencies to harass small businesses in our communities, including in the CBDs, especially those that need support to be able to observe the law,” he announced.

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