EFF Manifesto broken down in 10 points

The unveiling of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) 2019 Manifesto Under the theme “Our land and jobs now” finally took place at Giant Stadium in Soshanguve on Saturday. EFF leader Julius Malema acknowledges the social ills that South Africans are facing and promised changes under the EFF leadership:

Below are some of the important nuggets from Juju’s speech:

  • Land

All land will be under the custodianship of the state, for equal redistribution to all.  The EFF government will redistribute land in a manner that is demographically representative, meaning that black people will accordingly control the majority of the land, as they constitute the majority in South Africa. 

  • Employment

The EFF government will pass legislation that ensures a minimum wage of R4 500 across the board for all full-35 time  workers  and  will  fight  that  each  of  the  following sectors  accordingly  receives  the  stipulated  minimum wage: 

  • Mineworkers: R12 500 per month
  • Farm workers: R5 000 per month
  • Manufacturing workers: R6 500 per month
  • Retail workers: R5 000 per month
  • Builders: R7 000 per month
  • Petrol attendants: R6 500 per month
  • Cleaners: R4 500 per month
  • Domestic workers: R5 000 per month
  • Private security guards: R7 500 per month
  • Full-time waiters and waitresses: R4 500 per month.
  • Corruption

The EFF government will introduce a minimum sentence of 20 years for all public representatives and servants convicted of corruption.  The EFF government will also amend the Constitution to make the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) a constitutional institution accountable to Parliament to guarantee its independence in the fight against corruption and crime in general.

  • Youth Development

The EFF government will pass legislation that will ensure that all government departments and all   public institutions spend 50% of their procurement budget on youth-owned businesses. 

  • Crime

The EFF government will employ an additional 100 000 police officers by 2023 and impose strict rules on gun ownership and will aggressively recover illegal guns. The EFF promises that it will purchase an additional 7 000 police vehicles by 2022, on condition that 50% of all parts are made in South Africa. The EFF will further give rewards for citizens who submit  evidence  depicting  alleged  criminal  activities, including  drug  dealing,  social  crimes  and  domestic violence and racism shall be declared a punishable criminal offence.

  • Education

The EFF government will increase the use of information and communication technology for teaching, with the aim of achieving universal coverage in computer literacy by 2024. Under the EFF, each learner will get a tablet loaded with all necessary study material, tutorials and educational videos. The EFF government will cancel all student debt, re-integrate all students who were excluded on the basis of fees and give certificates,  diplomas  and  degrees  to  all  students  who passed  and  were  denied  their  qualifications  because  of outstanding fees. The EFF further will provide free accommodation for students at institutions of higher learning and will quadruple the number of rooms available by 2023.

  • Health

The EFF government will build specialised hospitals for the following disease categories: tuberculosis,   diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular diseases, heart disease, hypertensive diseases, chronic lower respiratory diseases and ischaemic heart diseases.  All clinics under the EFF government will be open 24 hours a day. 

  • People with disabilities

The EFF government will ensure  that  each and every  public institution such as hospitals, police stations, home affairs offices, labour offices, and social development offices have at least two people who are trained at and understand sign language to cater for people who cannot speak.  Under the EFF government will ensure that the public transport system is accessible to people with disabilities. 

  • Mining

The EFF government will nationalise all mines and mineral wealth in South Africa by the year 2023. The  EFF  Government  will  track  all  ex-mineworkers  or  their  close  family  members  and  ensure  that  each  and every one of them gain access to their pension funds.

  • Financial Sector

The EFF government will nationalise the South African Reserve Bank and discontinue its private ownership. The EFF will increase ownership of shares in the JSE by black people, Africans in particular, to 30% by the year 2022. 

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