Department survey is undermining the constitution- ACC

The Department of Mineral Resources has noted with concern false claims from the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC) that the department is involved in a “campaign” in Xolobeni through distribution of food parcels in Xolobeni ahead of the independent survey announced by the Minister of Mineral Resources last week.

The Department has no knowledge of the campaign referred to, and appeals to the ACC to desist from spreading false information and misleading the public.

In an interview with Transform SA Nonhle Mbuthuma ACC spokesperson responded to allegations that they are spreading lies about the department of Mineral Resources, “we did not say that the department of Mineral Resources is the one supplying the food parcels, but we said that there are food parcels that are making rounds, but the questions is, who is giving them out? Our local Municipality or Social Development supplies food parcels through our Ward Councilors that are paid by the state. Now these food parcels nobody knew about them. The government always facilitates food parcels because it is part of Social Development, they have a meeting before food parcels and identify those households that need the food parcels,” said Mbuthuma.

The department of Mineral Resources is expected to hold a survey in Xolobeni, in a statement they said that the survey was part of a consultation process that was is in line with one of the outcomes of a judgment handed down by the North Gauteng High Court last year.

ACC is highly against the survey and believes that it is undermining the constitution. “The survey is unconstitutional it is not even relevant to the court judgement. In the court judgement it is quoted clear that it is not about majority but it is about concern now when you talk about survey it has nothing to do about concern, survey is about majority that is a political agenda that the department of Mineral Resources is pushing right now. When we see food parcels and know that things like these are very common when people are trying to buy votes where they say “if you vote for me you’ll get food parcels” it worries us,” said Mbuthuma.

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