Lulama Voyi Foundation IHSA to host a Diplomatic Networking Assembly

Lulama Voyi Foundation IHSA (International Humanitarian Solidarity Aid) Programme is an infrastructure AID entity addressing the socio economic material conditions that hamper services within the civic societies. The Foundation brings vibrancy and sustainable outputs in response to the infrastructure demands through the 9 sector elements which are Education, Health, Roads, Rail, Environment, Housing, Energy, Agriculture and Social welfare. The AID improves sector services that are strictly infrastructure related.

The Programme’s focal mandate is to partner and collaborate with and support projects, programmes, institutions and governments in fulfilling their role on social and economic services challenging good rapport within societies. The Foundation was founded by Honourable Lulama Voyi, who is President and Chair of the Foundation, Lulama is also a Socio-Economic Advocacy Activist, Humanitarian, an Internationalist, an Idealist and an enemy of social disorder with responsibilities bestowed upon her shoulders in taking care of Humanity.

The collaboration would present stability and would have defeated and overpowered torments that prevent recognition of human right way of living, through collective action hence our theme that says; “Corporate Collaboration in practicalising human right way of living through collective action”. Our mission is to evangelise social comfort and display goodness of humanity and our vision is to see plagues of harsh material conditions being defeated by the sectors driving the entity’s mission.

The Foundation comprise of the Advisory Board Executive where a team of 12 member Directors guide and advice on how best the Aid can serve communities. The Advisory Board Executive offer advocacy counsel to the infrastructure programme that need legal attention and advice in serving the interests of Lulama Voyi Foundation’s International Humanitarian Solidarity Aid (IHSA) Programme. The Board also advises in monitoring and evaluating progress on projects that are financially aided by the Programme and also offer advice on administrative and financial policies drawn from the Foundations framework for diplomatic agreements between nation states addressing foreign transnational domestic cooperation and also monitor implementation of policies guiding.

The Foundation also has a component of the 12 member Economic Co-ordinating Committee (ECC) providing an opportunity to foster co-ordination and integration of ideas into implementation of the AID. The committee ensures financial management, operation of policies with clear financial mandate and approach. The Committee also monitors and evaluates progress on projects that are financially aided by Lulama Voyi Foundation IHSA Programme.

Since the Foundation’s Programme is International; branches are established globally where the AID assists projects that need financial relief within the diaspora and other, hence the formation of the 24 member correspondents of the Regional Network, accommodating partnership and association with other Foundations, humanitarian organizations and governments to circulate trade resources by raising a flag of excellent infrastructure service delivery. Lulama Voyi Foundation IHSA Programme is gratified to announce that collaboration has been established with Brice Dimitri Bayendissa Foundation operating in Congo Brazaville. This collaboration was pursued to improve lives of the populace in strengthening economic culture of advancement and improve services required by the communities for reputable and visible projects that approve service delivery and giving the continent the positive socio-economic attention it deserves.

Lulama Voyi Foundation International Humanitarian Solidarity Aid (IHSA) Programme will be hosting a Diplomatic Networking Assembly on:

Date     : 03 December 2018

Venue: Emperor’s Palace, Johannesburg

Time    : 18:00pm




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