Portfolio Committee on Economic Development continues to assess transformation challenges in North West Tourism Sector

The Portfolio Committee on Economic Development will tomorrow, Wednesday, 15 August 2018, continue on day 3 of its week-long oversight in the North West Province.

The committee has in the past identified the tourism sector as a point of oversight interest. The sector is at the centre of the South African economic policy regime and has been identified as a key job driver in both the National Growth and Industrial Policy action plans.

Previous briefings received by the committee have revealed serious competition and transformation-related challenges, which have made it difficult for smaller players to enter and thrive in the sector. While the committee seeks to deal with these issues through the Competition Amendment Bill [B 23—2018], it has identified big projects, such as Sun City amongst others, as means to assess market dominance and influence in the region and province.

The committee will tomorrow meet with the owners and stakeholders of the Royal Marang Hotel. The establishment’s business model is unique and inclusive, as ownership includes the local tribal authority, communities and other stakeholders.

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