Entrepreneur shaking up beauty industry

Having obtained her Diploma in Marketing Management in 2014 from the Tshwane University of Technology, Lebogang Baloyi used her own savings to start a business in the beauty and health sector. Her trademark products include quality hair pieces which last more than 10 years, designer handbags and accessories such as sunshades and neckpieces.

TSA: Tell us what makes your line of business different from others.

I personally interact with my clients. I listen to them, try and understand their needs. I cater for my client’s needs the best way I can. I build long term relationships with my customers so as to say.

TSA: List five things people don’t know about your industry.

  • There are a lot of challenges in this industry as it is not easy for people to trust that what you are offering is legitimate as they have had bad experiences with untrustworthy people in the past.
  • It is not easy convincing people to pay upfront as many are scared of getting scammed.
  • The industry is highly competitive. That is why one has to try and be as distinctive as possible
  • You have to be a people’s person to survive in this industry
  • You interact with different kinds of people. One needs to be able to adapt to different situations. Be open minded and be able to hold proper conversations

TSA: What are the challenges you face?

Time management is one of the greatest challenges I face. I find also that people don’t trust easily if they are first time buyers.


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