Conquering a male dominated field

Twenty-four years into the transition to democracy South Africa is seeing more and more young black women step up to the plate to form and run their own companies in fields that hitherto were labelled as reserved for males. Ntebatse Makhura is one such entrepreneurs whose company, Temoso Trading and Projects72 is a 100% black woman owned concern that operates in the construction, electrical and civil works space.

TSA: What motivated you to get into business?

From early childhood I knew I wanted to be a business person. As a family woman being in business helps me to manage my time properly between work and home. I also felt I was ready to start my own business and work towards leaving a positive legacy.

TSA: How was your company funded?

It was not easy for me when I started out as I didn’t receive any funding from external sources. I just started it from the scratch by doing self-marketing. I used my family savings to help in buying some of the equipment. With a help and support from my husband I succeeded.

TSA: Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

I see my company giving services to big establishments such as ESKOM. I also want to venture into the road construction space. I also see myself working with big companies such as Stefanutti Stocks Civils or providing professional cleaning services to the biggest malls like the Mall of Africa.

TSA: What advice would you give someone hoping to start their own company?

Starting your own company needs hard work, preparation and learning every day. Prayer is the key in every step you take.


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