Sanral kicks off consultation on transformation

More than 300 people from the construction industry, government and industry associations together with Sanral workshopped the agency’s draft transformation policy and long-term strategy during two half-day sessions in Centurion.

“These sessions are the first of 30 that will take place across the country in the next eight weeks. We genuinely want to hear the views of those impacted by both our 2030 strategy and our transformation policy,” said Sanral CEO, Skhumbuzo Macozoma.

Macozoma stressed that the intention of these documents is not to destroy the construction industry or the state-owned entity.

“We must show value to all South Africans. This is what roads are meant to do – they connect people to people, to places and most importantly to opportunities. These opportunities can no longer be limited to the few.

“We have a real opportunity to bring about change. This we will do. We invite you to go on this journey with us. If not, you will be left behind,” he stressed.

Those that are unable to attend sessions are able to access both the Horizon2030 strategy and transformation policy from the Sanral Web site. There are a number of ways to input on these: through the Web site, through e-mail submissions or postal delivery.

“All comments will be considered. These documents are not final. Revised drafts will be submitted to our Board for approval and from there to the Minister of Transport who will then table these before cabinet,” he concluded.

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