Ministers to address SPW conference

TExphe Departments of Trade and Industry & Small Business Development support the empowering of SMEs at the Smart Procurement World Conference and ESD Expo

Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies and Minister of Small Business Development Lindiwe Zulu will address the 4th Smart Procurement World (SPW) Western Cape Conference and the co-hosted Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Expo scheduled to take place at the CTICC from 7-8 March 2017.

Their participation at the conference and expo will cement the support these departments offer to SMEs as they play a pivotal role in driving SouthAfrica’s economic agenda. They will engage with the delegates as they discuss the imperative of creating of linkages between small businesses and strategic partners’ supply chains, industries or sectors.

Minister Rob Davies’s keynote address will centre around the dti’s approach to enterprise and supplier development and will formally launch the strategic partnership programme which is a key instrument in building capability and capacity of suppliers in the supply chain.

Minister Lindiwe Zulu’s keynote address will centre around understanding procurement and supply chain imperatives essential to grow small businesses in Africa – trading within the continent – and how to grow trade and partnership via procurement and supply chain.

SPW Western Cape and ESD Expo support the business case for ESD initiatives in South Africa, helping to develop sustainable, efficient and profitable enterprises that can create employment opportunities and grow the economy. This initiative is supported by the City of Cape Town.

“SPW is passionate about contributing to the transformation and empowerment of Second thereby helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and contribute positively to the country’s GDP. SPW and its partners not only provide a platform for procurement heads from the private and public sectors to network, keep abreast of global trends and best practice; but provides a platform for entrepreneurs to network, explore opportunities and engage meaningfully with procurement decision makers with the aim of securing new business,” says Smart Procurement World COO and Africa Trade Summit Director, Debbie Tag.

Also taking place on 7 – 8 March at the CTICC is the Africa Trade Summit & Expo, hosted by SPW and Commonwealth Investment Corporation (CIC), set to bring together African governments, big and global businesses to explore new enterprise development strategies as a means of providing sustainable economic growth and development within the African continent. The summit is themed to examine the feasibility of creating platforms necessary for African Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) totradegloballyandlocallythroughinnovativebusinessandtradelinkages.

Africa Trade Summit &Expo has-been structured as a call for big business to identify small business that fit into their needs and grow them until they become big industry players. The summit links this growth path with procurement and supply chain. Until recently, procurement and supply chain were seen only as a necessity. In fact, in many developing economies the profession is still being treated as a ‘back-office’ function and not much has been done to explore and address challenges facing procurement professionals in developing economies. The summit will therefore examine the critical role played by the procurement function in business and to reveal the challenges faced by procurement professionals in developing economies as well as to suggest solutions to these challenges

Smart Procurement World and its partners look forward to hosting the conference, summit and expo to define the future of SMEs and the future of Africa trade. Delegate participation will see robust engagement around fresh enterprise development strategies and initiatives aimed at providing sustainable economic growth and development throughout Africa, with South Africa taking the lead.

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