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old way of tradingWhen we look back over the history of Stock Exchanges, we find that it had tremendous development over the years it has been in existence. The origin of trading in securities began in the 1300s where Venetians would carry slates with information on the various securities for sale and meet with clients, much like brokers do in modern times.

The first registered Stock Exchange was registered in Belgium back in the 1500s and exclusively dealt in promissory notes and bonds. As the human race progressed through time, informal Stock Exchanges were springing up throughout the world. new way of tradingBrokers were placing ads in local newspapers for sale of stocks and were meeting with investors at local coffee shops in there region.

Coming into the 20th century, official stock exchanges were established throughout the world giving companies the proper opportunity to grow into large corporations. This opened doors for brokerage firms to open up throughout the world and bring investment options to people who have never had the opportunity to invest before. The major downfall of Stock Markets during this time was the methods used to make trades. Capturing trades manually provided a delay in share price updates of financial informations to the public. This trading system is what lead to the market meltdown in the early 1900s. Due to “flash trading” ,  traders were allowed to view orders from other market participants fractions of a second before others in the marketplace.

As technology progressed and Stock Markets became electronic, the trading process became much smoother for brokers and also provided accurate share price information in real time making Stock markets more reliable. This technology updates information and matches buy and sell offers in less then a second.

In today’s age, we also have algorithmic trading platforms that bring investors and issuers to a user to user platform that cuts out all the middle men bringing down trading costs to both issuers and investors.

With the modern use of online banking, the E-wallet banking system technology has been accepted by the majority of users all around the world. The HYBSE Corporation has taken advantage of this opportunity and has brought the Stock Exchange and the E-wallet banking system together, exposing the true value of this technology and making it easily accessible to every average individual anywhere around the world.

Our platform, The Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE.COM) is based on the latest technology known to mankind and offers users the opportunity to learn how to trade by themselves in real time. The Educational programme offers you 100’000 virtual monies, video tutorials and educational books on how to utilize the platform, giving users the opportunity to get first hand trading experience on Direct Access Trading Systems and all of it is for FREE.

Unlike any other Stock Exchange, HYBSE.COM is giving the opportunity to small to medium business enterprises to list their businesses at the lowest rates in the market today. Its designed to bring Seller and Buyer from any corner of the world directly together in one Platform. This gives Businesses easy access to international investors.

The HYBSE Corporation is opening its doors to the FREE Educational program on the 1st of August 2016. Register in July for Free and get an extra 20’000 virtual monies. The Educational program will also have a competition for business schools around the world to get their students involved. In this competition, the winning student will win a donation package on the real market for their school. The school can then utilize these donation funds for any purpose of their choice

The Hybrid Stock Exchange invites all individuals who are interested in this opportunity to sign up for free on HYBSE.COM. Companies that are interested in listing can contact our office for listing requirements or register online.

“The best investment is in yourselves”

Hybrid Stock Exchange Corp.


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