Wayde van Niekerk: the band that loosely binds the nation together

Wayde van Niekerk

To the majority of South Africans, victory in any sporting code carries much more significance than in other countries, where people speedily revert to their daily tasks after fleetingly savouring in the glory.

It’s not unusual.

South Africans, still battling to exorcise the deep-rooted legacy of racial divisions which the system of apartheid sowed, temporarily move out of their shells to celebrate their country’s victory in rare unity.

And after the excitement wanes, they retreat to their respective abodes to face their daily realities, hoping for the next dose of victory.

Unfortunately, in recent years there have not been spellbinding triumphs, in even in rugby and cricket, areas in which the world holds us in great awe.

Thankfully, Wayne van Nierkek has offered us something to savour, albeit temporarily, in the face of economic challenges which have affected many a household. It is not eternal, but we can make the most of it as long as lasts. He is a band that loosely binds various disparate sections together.

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