Strategic partnerships for efficient municipalities

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On the occasion of celebrating 15 years of the existence of local municipalities, it is just natural to take stock of their performance, more especially, the quality of services to end users. Of course, the results are mixed. But in general, in spite of the service delivery shortcomings, local municipalities are now more inclusive, targeted at all South Africans. But how can their performance be enhanced?

In a speech ahead of the forthcoming Africities Summit, South African Cities Network CEO, Sithole Mbanga, provides an answer. Strategic partnerships with all sectors of society, from the private sector, non-governmental organisations right through to the media, as this will encourage public participation and contribute to development, are the route to go, he says.

“Local government needs to be seen as an important sphere and it must be empowered with functions and resources that will help it deliver services more efficiently, particularly as we celebrate 15 years of local government in South Africa.

“Provide to local government the appropriate human and non-human resources in order to enable municipalities to play their role competitively in the development of the state,” he explains.

Over and above resourcing local government, Mbanga says it is important that further devolution of the build environment functions, such as human settlements and public transport, is implemented to enable municipalities to deliver more effectively.

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