Mooinooi Enterprise Development incubator hatches success


4 Charl Klopper, Togang Sebalo, Tommy  Maboe(1st place most jobs created)Emmanual Mdhuli

In a fitting celebration of what has been one of the country’s model enterprise development initiatives, the Shanduka Black Umbrellas (SBU), in partnership with mining giant, Lomnin held a function to honour small businesses from the Mooinooi incubator for their contribution to socio-economic development within the region. This was the final leg of the SBU regional awards.

At the awards ceremony a variety of businesses were honoured, from mine waste removal to construction, and each star was given their chance to shine.

“I am humbled by the results that we have achieved so far. The Mooinooi incubator is only 23 months old and it is competing with other more established incubators. I would like to thank our main donor Lonmin for making it possible for us to improve the lives of small business owners, to promote entrepreneurship as a career of choice and for making this prestigious event possible”, said Precious Tshabalala, Regional Manager of the Mooinooi business incubator.

On behalf of Lomnin, Lerato Moelebatsi, Lonmin’s Communication and Public Affairs Executive Vice President, said:  “The Mooinooi business incubator continues to eradicate the perception that the surrounding mining community have no capacity and skills.

“The partnership between Lonmin and Shanduka Black Umbrellas has unearthed hidden talents through the creation of a nurturing environment allowing businesses to grow.”

SBU’s extensive incubation programme ensures that the low levels of sustainable entrepreneurship amongst 100% black owned businesses in South Africa are addressed. Shanduka Black Umbrellas operates eight business incubators in the country and has benefited over 2000 entrepreneurs.  The Mooinooi incubator currently boasts 43 clients in full incubation and 13 in the pre- incubation phase.  At the launch of the incubator, the mining company shared its goal of doubling its contribution towards local entrepreneurs over the next five years. To date, the incubator has improved access to mining procurement opportunities for the entrepreneurs. This has resulted in increased job creation within the Mooinooi community and surrounding areas.

The Mooinooi Enterprise Development awards were the culmination of a series of regional awards which took place throughout the country in the seven other regions which SBU operates. The SBU National Enterprise Development Awards will see the top three businesses in each category from around the country battle it out for national honour and be recognised for their accomplishments and contribution to their respective communities.

The ones who earned accolades

  1. Phakwe Mining (Pty) Ltd – Best Performing Company, Best SBU Ambassador and first place in the Most Jobs Created category (210 jobs created)
  2. Aredireng Transport & Labour Hire (Pty) Ltd – second place in the Most Jobs Created category (42 jobs)
  3. Little Rock Trading (Pty) Ltd – Third place in the Most Jobs Created category (22 jobs)
  4. Modi Mining (Pty) – First place in the Best Performing Company category
  5. Concentrate Carriers (Pty) Ltd – \third place in the Best Performing Company category.
  6. Ikatiseng Construction (Pty) Ltd – Best SBU Ambassador category
  7. Stylish Wood – third place SBU Ambassador category

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