Why the ‘soapie’ at SARS is worrying



Of all government institutions, the last one which one would have expected to suffer from unnecessary infighting and a clash of personalities is SARS. But, on evidence of salacious news reports involving the top brass, the institution is as ‘human’ as other public entities.

The most worrying thing, though, is that the instability might sooner or later impact on the efficiency of an institution whose performance was exemplary, at least in the public eye. The biggest fear is that, instead of ensuring that every cent from registered tax payer is documented and duly collected, it might focus on putting its house in order. Sadly, on evidence of recent experience, such kind of challenges have plunged some state owned institutions into bankruptcy.

The nation is hoping SARS resolves its problems. And fast at that. One of the prominent personalities to express his concern recently is the ANC’s Gwede Mantashe.

Thankfully, to allay fears, the Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene, apparently, in a bid to restore public and investor confidence said everything at SARS was under control.

Indeed, SARS as the nation’s cash cow should be in a robust state continue providing funds to enable government fulfill its obligations.

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