Harmony Gold retrenching employees


Initially, some had dismissed miners’ threat of cutting jobs as a ploy to prevent unionised employees to go on strike; others took it seriously. But now the worst fears are being confirmed.

Harmony Gold has become with first mine to take the brave decision of cutting jobs at its Kusasalethu mine. This, the company says, is aimed at reducing costs and returning the operation to productivity.

In a statement, Harmony Gold said had begun a consultative process with unions and the government about job cuts – at Kusasalethu, where it employs about 6 300 workers.

The general expectation had been that Implats in Rustenburg would be the first to retrench its staff, due to the effect the 5 months strike has had on its revenue and sustainability in general. Evidently, yet to recover from the debilitating strike, the platinum producer might be compelled to implement tough measures at some point.

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