Be inspired by the country’s richest people

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Since the publication of the country’s richest individuals in the popular weekly broadsheet, The Sunday Times, social networks, readers’ views pages of publications, as well as phone-in radio programmes have been abuzz with opinions of people expressing their “disgust” at the “obscene” wealth of a few individuals in the face of worsening poverty.

However, whilst people are entitled to opinions on various matters in a democratic society, the overwhelming opposition to some smart individuals who spot opportunity in a certain field and painstakingly persist against all odds to establish billion rand entities is peculiar.

It is disingenuous that some people subscribe to the values of capitalist society, which drives business and property ownership, and yet feel bitter when their imaginative peers make the most of what the environment offers. Palpably, this is contradictory.

In some measure, this attitude can be vindicate. In a quest to become an ‘equal’ society post-1994, South Africans wish to see parity in the standard of living amongst every one. However, unfortunately, this thinking is contrary to the real world where individuals are instinctively driven to get the best resources for themselves first.

Hence, it has to be acknowledged that some individuals will always excel better than others at some craft and accumulate wealth for themselves, with a bit of fortune, of course. That’s the natural order.

So, why should the richest be apologetic about being deservedly rewarded for ambition, focus, and extraordinary drive and, above all, high appetite for risk?

Moreover, the companies that they create pay millions in taxes annually to government, create employment opportunities, outsource services to black-owned businesses and are involved in several pertinent Corporate Social Investment activities.

so, be inspired by the country’s richest people; do not feel bitter and envious.

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