4 things we would like to see in 2015

wish list

  1. Better private sector CSI transparency

Recent reports indicate that majority of JSE-listed companies are not sincere about the claims that they make about their corporate social investments. Shamelessly, some of them exaggerate the impact which their donations make to the intended recipients.

Hence, engaging independent entity to authenticate claims of achievements being made could restore public trust in institutions that lavish their executives with astronomical salaries.

  1. Total eradication of Ebola

Given the influx of people from sub Saharan Africa countries into the country, the threat of the Ebola virus to the people of South Africa is higher than observers think. Judging from recent press releases, the National Department of Health has been monitoring possible cases of infections in different parts of the country. Thankfully, no case has been identified. But as long as other parts of Africa are affected, South Africa still faces the epidemic/the epidemic still faces a big threat. Hopefully, there should be total eradication of Ebola on the continent’s worst hit region in 2015.

  1. Quality service delivery

Poor delivery of basic services to tax payers, and indeed the masses, remains one of the country’s biggest challenges Post-1994. This has led to sporadic outbreak of protests in townships across the country.

Contrary to the viewpoint of some commentators, there is no conspiratorial role of a third force involved. The root cause of the problem is purely poor project management of administrators at the central and local government levels. Without doubt, this is the area that needs to be addressed urgently.

  1. Lower unemployment

It is very possible that unemployment figures that Statistics SA released recently might not be a true reflection of the level of joblessness. The number could be as high as 40%.

Sadly, with at the current pace of economic growth, the situation might not change any time soon. But everybody wishes it does in 2015.

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