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Mark Makanda always had a passion for learning and growing through education, but due to family commitments, financial constraints and Makanda‘s demanding work schedule it seemed virtually impossible for him to pursue his dream of becoming an advocate.

Makanda, who now is a practising attorney at Mchunu Attorneys in Rosebank, migrated from Zimbabwe. He was later employed by Eskom in 2007 as project manager where he worked closely with internal and external attorneys in the production suite of legal agreements for issuance to bidders for their RFP submissions.

This is where his passion of being a lawyer was ignited. Though he wanted to go back to class full-time for a three to four year LLB Degree at the University of Witwatersrand, it was impossible to do so because he could not just leave his job and risk his family, mainly due ti financial constraints.

Just when he was about to give up his educational dream, an opportunity presented itself when he sat at a presentation by Eduloan that was organised by Eskom’s Wellness program. That is where employees were informed about available education finance and bursary bursaries. Makanda then realised that his dream was not lost as Eduloan offered low interest rates that he could afford as well as a payment method that would work for him.

Eduloan not only solved Makanda’s financial challenges, but also payment of tutorial fees at a law school called Critical Law Studies. Critical Law Studies was flexible enough for Makanda to study and work at the same time. He worked hard and was able to get the good marks that enabled him acceptance into the Master’s Degree in Oil and Gas law offered at Reading University inUK.

Makanda continues to benefit from Eduloan as his children are also beneficiaries. One is currently studying overseas. He recommends Eduloan to whoever is in need of a constructive finance to further their studies.


 Eduloan is a leading education finance specialist operating in Southern Africa. Since its inception in 1996, Eduloan has provided more than 720 000 study loans valued at R3.7-billion and continues to help thousands across Africa unlock their true potential. Currently, Eduloan approves between 50 000 and 60 000 loans annually to students, a significant proportion of them working professionals. Eduloan’s loan offerings include repayment options at extremely affordable, fixed-interest rates, for the duration of the loan period. Study fees are paid by Eduloan directly to the institution, taking the administrative burden away from the student/corporate institution. Loans can be paid back either through a salary deduction or a debit order.

For more information, call Eduloan’s Client Services Department on 0860-55-55-44 or visit Follow us on Twitter/EduloanSA and Facebook/EduloanSA.

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