New invention to help you cope with load shedding


If reports from Eskom are anything to go by, consumers have to be prepared to cope with a few more years of load shedding.

Thankfully, in the face of such despondency, a Johannesburg resident has invented a device that is set to revolutionise how the country deals with the inconvenience of load shedding.

The Be More Independent (BMI) Solar Energy System, which is available from Maxx-Solar energy South Africa, includes solar panels for a resident’s roof, an inverter which converts direct current from the panels) to alternating current for the house, and a battery run island that simulates an electrical grid that will keep the inverter operating during power outages. The battery charges during the day (from the solar energy, and theoretically, as the General Manager of Maxx-Solar Energy, Kinesh Chetty, claims, the system can run without any assistance from the City Power grid for up to 10 years and even longer if you buy more batteries.

Chetty says even if you connect the system to the grid, the quantity of the energy required from the grid is reduced resulting in saving of up 95% on the electricity bills. The system can operate up to 25 years when connected to the grid.

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