Latest World Competitive Index Report: 10 reasons to be positive about SA


10 reasons

They say perception is reality in the eyes of investors. And, by and large, South Africa’s decline in the World Economic Forum’s latest World Competitive Index ranking reflects how the rating agencies view its economy.

Judging from statistics, South Africa’s education and health systems are in a state of decline – though it would an exaggeration to call it terminal – and its economy is overregulated.

However, in the midst of the gloomy picture there is something to smile about. From the World Competitive Index a few positive facts about South Africa standout and these are:
1. Strength of auditing and reporting standards (1st position)
2. Regulation of securities exchanges (1st position)
3. Protection of minorities shareholders’ interests (2nd position)
4. Efficacy of corporate boards (3rd position)
5. Financing through local equity markets (3rd position)
6. Soundness of banks (6th position)
7. Availability of financial services (6th position)
8. Efficiency of legal framework in challenging regulations (9th position)
9. Strength of investor protection (0-10, where 10th is best)
10. Quality of air transport infrastructure (11th position)

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