Few skilled blacks reflect flaws of transformation


Since 1994, the country has produced only 17.9% of skilled blacks, according to Statistics SA’s 20-year review on skills and employment in the 25 to 34 age group. As usual, as one would expect, analysts of all stripes have come out in full force pointing fingers of blame in all directions.
But the head of South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), Neren Rau, is not entirely surprised. He faults the government’s demand for quick and easily measurable transformation result for stifling investment and the skills development segment of transformation.
“Progress is measured in terms of ownership and longer term needed for skills and training is overlooked,” says Rau, observing that companies have discovered the loophole and all they need to do is to focus on ownership and quickly score substantial points.
He argues that training and upskilling appropriately it takes more time and there are no cutting corners. He mentions that the common cases of previously disadvantaged employees who fail to cope in positions they are given as a result of rushing the process.
“Low percentage of skilled blacks reflects the flaws of the implementation of transformation,” Rau says.

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