Fair tendering process key to nuclear project success


Dubious procurement processes have led to the failure of well-intentioned state projects and it is important that the nuclear energy project should be well managed from its inception. The Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa managing director, Knox Msebenzi, said this in Cape Town recently. Hailing the nuclear energy agreement between South Africa and Russia as good news for the country, Msebenzi said: “What we would like to see is a fair process where the best contractor gets the job. You can’t just look at the initial cost [if it is too high] and say let’s throw it out of the window.”

Evidence of the delays and cost overruns experienced in mega infrastructure projects like Medupi and Kusile, amongst others, have made contractors to be less excited about the launch of similar projects. This adds credence to the view that the government has to find better ways of managing projects to ensure that they are delivered on time, within budget and, at the very least, according to the bare minimum of expected quality standards.

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