Specialised computer lab lifts the visually impaired’s learning spirit


One thing which struck the Transform SA team on a second visit to Bosele School for the Blind and Deaf in Mosterlus, outside Groblersdal was the scholarly atmosphere that reigned since the specialised computer lab was opened (the first visit was during the launch in April this year).

 The specialised computer lab’s impact is hard to ignore. It has brought a belief that everything is possible amongst students; that they can overcome their limitations and move mountains in their academic aspirations.

 Students have not been more eager to learn. “Every day brings a new experience. It is exciting,” said a female student who said he wanted to be a chartered accountant.

 Funded by MTN SA Foundation, the computer lab has given students an opportunity to acquire computer skills early. Previously, learning how to use a computer at a higher learning institution was a disadvantage and affected their performance.

 The computers have Job Access With Speech and also a printer that can convert normal words into Braille.

The centre is addressing the educational, socio-economic, recreational, emotional and psychological needs of students

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