Guess what? Cable theft costs SA R5 bn a year

cable theft

They might seem negligible, but don’t underestimate their impact.

When all the individual cases of cable theft are added, cumulatively, the economy loses or has a replacement burden of R5 bn per annum, according to the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci).

Shedding more light on the information, Peggy Drodskie, executive adviser to the Sacci CEO, said the R5bn includes only the replacement value and does not take into account security or labour costs.

Cable theft had an adverse impact on the economy through loss of productivity, negative investor perceptions and poor service delivery, among others, she explained. “If you don’t have a telephone (or) computers, your staff can’t operate optimally. This could even lead to the closure of small businesses.”

Unemployment and tough economic times have tempted young people in townships and rural areas to still cables which are sold to metal recycling companies and small contractors.

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