Appalling! Women do the same jobs, yet get lower pay


The country might be decades away from seeing women achieve significant parity with men in various sectors, but it is just disgraceful that women get a raw deal when it comes to remuneration in comparison with men.

During a press conference, Women Affairs Minister, Susan Shabangu, deemed it unacceptable that women still got lower salaries for the same jobs with men 20 years into the country’s democracy. Acknowledging that there was still a lot of ground to be covered, she said: “A lot still needs to be done, not only in the mining industry but also in the automobile industry and other previously male-dominated industries.”

Shabangu said her Ministry’s top priority was meeting the government’s minimum target of 10% for women employed in mining companies by this year, as well as ensuring that they receive equal pay as their male counterparts for the same work.

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