“Widespread service delivery unrest a shortfall of B-BBEE “ – Gobodo



No matter how the situation was sugar-coated, widespread service delivery unrests and the recently ended long platinum strike were nothing but a reflection of inequality at play, Nonkululeko Gobodo, executive chairman of accounting firm, SizweNtsalubaGobodo, recently observed.

Inequality was one of the shortfalls of B-BBEE, she explained, suggesting that a time for a fresh approach was imminent.

“Radical economic transformation should be the focus, as people are fed up. The trickledown effect has not been enough, we need another solution,” said Gobodo. “We need to talk about these things, we cannot have a situation where 10% of the population are supposed to be producing jobs for 90% of the population.”

Corporate South Africa could do better, Gobodo believed. “It has addressed some social issues, but has not been able to create a number of jobs, solve poverty and inequality.” She called for massive investment in black entrepreneurs as they were the ones who could turn the situation around.

Corporate South Africa, Gobodo explained, had addressed some social issues, but had not yet been able to create a number of jobs, solve poverty and inequality. She proposed that black entrepreneurs were needed in the country, as “they are the ones to turn the situation around and it’s time to invest in them”.

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