Unions and communists the NDP’s biggest threat

hermanIn some circles of government and the private sector, National Development Plan (NDP) is passionately punted as the end all and be all to the country’s economic challenges. The majority would concur with that perspective. However, the main problem would be in its execution.

Former Chairperson of Free Market Foundation and name behind the iconic Black Like Me brand, Herman Mashaba, does not anticipate the development blueprint being implemented without a concrete policy direction in place. The government did not seem to have a stand on a firm ground, he lamented.

“There is a lack of policy direction to facilitate development. One minute it tries to be seen to be pro-business, supporting decent jobs and minimum wage,” he said, adding that there cannot be progress with that approach. “We cannot to expect to achieve economic growth, let alone generate employment.”

Mashaba pointed out that the biggest threat to the realisation of the NDP came from communists and unions who influence government decisions.

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