The hidden force of disabled workmates


Don’t think motivating and inspiring your team is confined to one-on-one giving and rewarding type of recognition. Do you know that the presence of people with disabilities can send t team spirit amongst your workforce rocketing through the ceiling? Transform SA discovered this from findings of a survey which it recently conducted amongst South Africa’s top twenty blue chip companies that had disabled employees – whether afflicted by blindness, hearing impairment, a muscular ailment, autism, etc. – amongst their workforce.

Hiring employees with disabilities transcends compliance with Employment Equity legislation. It is more than window dressing. In actual fact, your company standards to gain the following:

  • They are untapped resource everyone overlooks. Remember, disability is not inability. Their talent might be just the spark your inward looking organisation has been lacking.
  • There is a return on investment of attracting clients who share the same values about people with disabilities who respect all people
  • Employees with disabilities might motivate your organisation to innovate new solutions for products and services
  • Breaking of stereotypes and appreciating diversity of human beings. Naturally, you fear people you don’t understand better.

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