Rarity Handbags: A rare breed of a business

jacqueline burge

It should not be surprising that there was overwhelming approval when Jacqueline Burge of Rarity Handbags was announced as the 2014 Winner in Business Women South Africa (BWSA) Entrepreneur Category. Her business stands for everything rare: it has a distinctive niche market; it is counted as one of the few success stories of the now defunct ANC Youth League Umsobomvu Business Bursary, and, above all, it is run by a woman with an unrelenting attitude.

It is said there is always an 80 percent chance of the country’s start ups to collapse in their embryonic stages. But Burge’s past experience enabled Rarity Handbags to weather the storm of challenges.

Inspired by Africa and its people, Rarity translates responsibly sourced Zebra, Giraffe and Springbok from culling programs with Ostrich and Nguni into well designed and skilfully hand-crafted handbags and accessories.

Elaborating on what drives her business, Burge says: “Our philosophy as a creative business is establishing niche markets for well designed, quality products, made in unashamedly African materials. A strong belief in independent thought and innovation are the foundations of our success.”

With its design and manufacturing techniques, Rarity Handbags exports its products globally. Burge assures clients of excellent service, with products delivered on time and to specification.

The award for entrepreneur applauds women who own and run their own profitable businesses. Definitely, it has been a fitting crown for a woman who established her business in 2001.

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