Reason for small businesses to dream big

small businesses

Long at last small businesses have somewhere to turn to, with the establishment of the Department of Small Business Development!

For a long time, owners of small businesses had been lobbying tirelessly for the government to set up a single entity to address their concerns. Now, they should be impressed that their efforts have borne fruit.

One of the biggest hindrances to the development of small businesses was identified as the intricacy involved in getting the necessary paper work in order. All along small businesses had been going through the Department of Trade, which was overwhelmed by other functions.

It is widely expected that small businesses, punted as the country’s engine for economic growth and, possibly, a solution to unemployment, are going to flourish.

Lindiwe Zulu, the Minister in charge of the Department of Small Business Development, said that while the role of small business in job creation is widely recognised, it is important to be sensitive to the challenges faced by the sector. “It’s about dialoguing with them to see where the challenges are.”

Amongst other issues, the department will look at the issue of the government not paying small businesses within the prescribed 30-day time period, as well as, engaging with the country’s financial institutions and helping to get small business owners organised into formations.


“We need to find a way to pull people together; the issue of cooperatives, for instance, is one of the most important elements,” Zulu said.

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