Proteas’ new black coach should be thick-skinned

Just like the previous coach of the Springboks, Pieter de Villiers, Russell Domingo, the Proteas Coach, is under more intense spotlight than any of his predecessors did bear. As the first black South African to hold the position, he has been portrayed in some quarters as having qualified for the position for on the account of the colour of his skin. Proteas Coach - Russel Domingo (CSA)
Critics have been bracing for a chance to pounce on Domingo’s failure. South African fans are notorious for their inclination to instant success. To them the excuse of ‘we need more time’ does not just wash. Soon after his appointment, some columnists had already written the last rites for Domingo’s demise. “His feet are going to be too small to fit into Gary Kirsten giant shoes, the World Cup Winner,” someone declared during a Supersport Cricket Phone-in Programme, soon after his appointment a year ago.
Others believe that Domingo deserves more time. “Patience which cricket fans, as fickle as they are, have accorded to previous white coaches should be extended to the young man,” an old cricket enthusiast told Transform SA. “Give him a chance and then assess his performance. It does not matter whether he is black, judge him on his performance.
In a country in which everyone is a couch cricket coach, certainly, Domingo needs to develop ample thick skin to withstand the rigours that come with his position. The Proteas’ recent participation in the T20 was the first hurdle, hopefully, he will pass forthcoming ones.

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