An Idiot’s Guide to Surviving in a ‘transformed’ workplace

Surviving in a Workplace

As a typical South African workplace is becoming progressively populated by people from diverse racial persuasions, you have to be very conscious of the other’s unique preferences. Precisely, you have to be cautious of what they do or say, lest you could step on other people’s toes and be hauled before the Human Rights Commission (for the uninformed, the independent body that ensures that everyone’s constitutional right is respected).

Do not utter the following statements if you want to have a lasting and cordial relationship with your workmates:

  • “….So, have you showed your new car to your parents at the Cape Flats yet?”
  • “Your accent is very polished for someone who grew up in Eldorado Park”
  • “Oh! It was only a weave. I thought it was your real hair?”
  • “My friend has skin lightening creams for sale, would you be interested?”
  • “I have never seen you in a Sali. Don’t you like them?”
  • “You seem to confuse your ‘l’ and ‘r’. We say ‘Brother’ not ‘Blother’ neh?”
  • “So, you can also afford to send your child to the expensive English medium school?”

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